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Do You Love Nature, Live Green, Hate the Outdoors? Ecopod Is for You

A luxurious, low-impact retreat located on some of the most beautiful land in Scotland.

Do You Love Nature, Live Green, Hate the Outdoors? Ecopod Is for You


Attention design freaks! Do you like the idea of camping, but hate to actually camp? When going on vacation, do you tremble at the thought of leaving behind your Eames lounge chair or your Dieter-Rams-ish kitchen?


You're in luck. Ecopod offers a home away from home suitable to even the most discerning design aficionado. The luxury retreat is located on the famously beautiful western coast of Scotland, it's a self-contained geodesic dome. There's no exterior plumbing or cast foundation—the pod sits on the land, with as minimal an impact as possible. The high-end appliances inside—which include a cooking range, a TV, and a stereo—are all ultra-energy efficient. Waste water, meanwhile, is stored and recycled, and the furniture is either all vintage or made from renewable resources, and the wood used in the construction—which includes a hot tub—was all locally sourced. Heating comes from biomass pellets.


The dome itself is actually a German design, from a company called Zendome. The shape itself is said to be highly efficient: It creates a natural convention current, funneling hot air down from the ceiling and back into the room, thus maximizing heating efficiency.

ecopod ecopod

For another, more futuristic take on an "eco-pod," check out this crazy concept for a biomass-generating skyscraper, called Filene's Eco Pods.

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