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Judging by my life this week, the environmental movement is on a growth path:

    <li>Today, I leave for New York City, where I'll be speaking tomorrow at the <a href="">Go Green Expo</a>—I'm speaking at 12:30 and then signing copies of my newest book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green.. Organizers are expecting 8000 people over the course of three days and the speakers roster includes Mariel Hemingway and Ed Begley, Jr. (Friday admission is free to people in business. If you'd like to attend the other two days for $10 instead of $25, use the promotional code NYSPEAKER.)
    </li><li>Yesterday, a man from Greece whom I met when we both spoke at a conference in Switzerland got me invited to speak at a conference in Romania. 20 years ago, such a conference would never have happened in that country.
    </li><li>Earlier in the week, I received news that a Turkish rights to republish Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green were sold (joining the Italian and audio rights that were already sold)
    </li><li>I'm in active negotiation to speak at two other large environmental events expected to attract thousands of people.</li>

This is amazing growth for a movement that was still somewhat marginal even as recently as 2003. In 1980, a big environmental event like GoGreenExpo in New York would have been in someplace like the 92nd Street Y or New York University, and would have been expected to attract maybe 2000 people—if they did a really good job on publicity and didn't charge admission. I know, because I was living and organizing in New York City until August, 1980. We never had huge crowds; we were very happy to get 500 people even at our outdoor rallies.

The other thing that's changed in 20 years is the technology. It's so much easier to go Green now, and you get a lot more for your money. Design improvements in alternative energy systems, as well as growing demand, have made a difference. It's a very good time to go Green.

And if you run a business that's going Green and want to take full marketing advantage of your commitment, or if you'd like to make your business more green, you really should pick up a copy of the book. It costs less than $15 at some of the online discounters, and you get $2600 worth of extra goodies if you register your purchase at <a href=""></a>