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Everyone is an Indulgent. Some enjoy browsing People or In Touch in the grocery line to get the latest celebrity gossip; some splurge on a Gucci belt; some get massages in Virgin Atlantic first class or simply buy their daily vanilla skinny tall latte at Starbucks. You have probably seen Bit-Size Fashionistas in H&M, Passion Spenders on your vacation to the Bahamas or Everyday Escapists on your bus ride to work. Or, you could be one. Inherently, we need to indulge once in a while to maintain an even life balance — to get away, either for 10 minutes on our train commute or a week in Aruba. Segments Mini-Divas Accessories, accessories, accessories. It’s all about the bracelets, belts necklaces, hats etc. for Bite-Size Fashionistas. Bite-Size Fashionistas don’t buy $7,000 Gucci dresses, instead they buy a $150 dress and accessorize with luxury items. They enjoy H&M and other retailers that offer designer accessories. Key Facts: * H&M offers accessible looks from high-fashion designers, such as Jimmy Choo and Sonia Rykiel Brand Profile: H&M, Coach, D&G Passion Spenders Passion Spenders don’t often go all-out. But when they do, they spare no expense. These are the people that don’t typically ride first class, but when they go on vacation, they are flying high in Virgin’s first class — getting pampered with massages and the best treatment. And when they land? The luxury suite with an ocean-front view is a must. While Passion Spenders do not live luxurious lives, when they vacation, they vacation in style. Passion Spenders don’t just splurge on travel, they also spend extra on daily lifestyle items, such as an iPhone or a 40″ flat-screen TV. Key Facts: * Virgin Airlines flies over 5 million passengers annually * Apple’s iPhone has a 25 percent share in the smart phone market Brand Profile: Virgin, Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton Everyday Escapists Everyday Escapists don’t need to go on a vacation in the Bahamas to get away. They read thrillers from Michael Crichton on their train commute to work, browse People or In Touch in the grocery check-out line or log-on to World of Warcraft when they get home from a long day...

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