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Advertising your brand across the web can at times seem daunting, confusing and frustrating. Are you getting the maximum impact for your dollar? Are you engaging your target audience? Beyond asking customers where they first heard of your brand, webmasters can measure the buzz around your brand by using one or more of these analytics tools. These tools will help you understand and learn about your target audience and adjust your strategy accordingly. Once you have the metrics you’d like to measure, here are several tools we use to measure our ROI: Google Analytics Google Analytics is of the most effective and comprehensive tools to measure your brand advertising. Google Analytics enables webmasters to profile visitors, focus on high-performing traffic referrals, identify high-impact content and even set targets and goals. Take a look at this introductory video for greenhorn webmasters: Quantcast To better understand the psychographics and demographics of your user base, consider submitting your site to the free analytics service, Quantcast. Quantcast is an invaluable tool for webmaster to better understand demographics, such as sex, age, race, education and wealth. Quantcast also tracks popular websites among users. For instance, Facebook users enjoy Farmville, and CrowdStar. In addition, the analytics tool evaluates user engagement levels. MySpace has 18% addicts versus Facebook with 12%. That means hardcore MySpace users visit the site more frequently than Facebook users. These metrics will help you better understand your core user base and your ability to engage them. Google Alerts Google will send you an e-mail alerting you when your brand is mentioned on the web. You can receive your alerts based on platform (i.e. Google News, blogs, video sites, groups or all sources) and when to receive the e-mail (i.e. once a day, once a week or as-it-happens). If you would like to search your brand or subject and it is more than one word, ensure it is in quotations — as to avoid being inundated with mail. HootSuite This Twitter client enables users to categorize and prioritize everything Twitter. Users can manage their Twitter stream, post replies, re-tweets and direct messages without navigating through the website — users manage everything from a simple, customizable dashboard. To measure the effectiveness of your brand advertising, web clients like HooteSuite allow users to track brand mentions. Therefore, if...

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