Garmin Connect Returns to Kansas, Leaves SF Team Home Alone, Unemployed

Garmin Connect

Last month, the Garmin Connect team, a 15-strong band of software engineers, product managers and the like, were asked by the firm to relocate from San Francisco to Kansas. And, since they weren’t particularly chuffed by the idea of leaving the West Coast, they’ve created a Web site that is part resume, part presentation.

The GC Team Web site is snark-free, but straightforward, listing their achievements and abilities. However, there’s some chatter about why this has come to pass. Some commenters on Hacker News seem to think that it was a cunning ruse by Garmin management to dispense with their apps team, while others are hinting at difficulties between the top dogs and the team.

While Kansas is not exactly a tech-free zone–as well as Garmin, both Sprint and Linux Pro Magazine are based in the vicinity–San Francisco is definitely where a lot of the hi-tech action is. Plus, if you’ve got friends and family in the Bay Area, moving a couple thousand miles east wouldn’t fill anyone with joy. Why not ask a guy from Olathe if he wants to move to San Francisco?

This is like The Wizard of Oz in reverse–I guess we’re not in San Francisco any more, Dorothy.

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