Indie Band Holy F**k Debuts New Album on ChatRoulette, of All Places

Holy Fuck

Canadian instrumental indie rockers Holy Fuck (their music is better than their name, I promise you) have decided to take an odd route when debuting their new album, Latin: they’re streaming it on noted perversion-delivery service ChatRoulette.

The followup to their excellent 2007 album LP, to be titled Latin, won’t be released until May 11. But many bands allow streaming previews of albums to drum up interest and excitement for a new album, often on MySpace, NPR (or, in Holy Fuck’s case, CBC Radio), or through a digital service like Rhapsody or iTunes. But ChatRoulette is the talk of the town at the moment, and it’s a decidedly cheeky way to spread the word about Holy Fuck’s new album, even if it’s not as efficient as streaming it on MySpace.

Starting last Friday, Holy Fuck will simply set up a few streaming channels with the new album on it–which means landing on it is a totally random event, and intentionally trying to find it will result in more highly inappropriate nudity than a two-month-advance preview of an album is ever worth. Apparently it’s the single, though not a music video, called “Latin America” that’s available on ChatRoulette.

Me personally? I’ll wait for NPR to get a hold of the album. Trying to find the Holy Fuck song on ChatRoulette is like trying to find a needle in a dickstack.

[Via Pitchfork, thanks Dan!]DN