SunChips Rolls Out First 100% Compostable Chip Bag (Vermiculture Worms Sold Separately)


Chalk up SunChips bags as another addition to the compost pile. Frito-Lay recently started selling SunChips in a 100% compostable bag that breaks down completely after just 14 weeks in a hot compost bin.

The new SunChip bag’s outer layer is made with polyactic acid (PLA), a compostable, plant based renewable material. By Earth Day (April 22), all North American SunChips bags will feature the compostable packaging, which is expected to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

There’s just one problem: most Americans don’t compost. Some cities are most compost-friendly than others–San Francisco, for example, has the first mandatory composting law in the country–but without an extended marketing push, few consumers will even know that the SunChips bags can be composted. So here’s hoping SunChips’ foray into green bags is just the beginning. Because unless compostable bags become as commonplace as recyclable soda cans, they don’t stand a chance.

[Via Green Inc.]AS