Earth Days Documentary to Premiere on Facebook

Earth Days

An environmental documentary is to premiere on Facebook next month. Earth Days, which closed the Sundance festival in 2009, will play on the movie’s Facebook page on Sunday April 11, at 8 p.m. EST. It will be screened using the Social Screening app, which enables viewers to chat, leave comments, and participate in online polls. Director Robert Stone will also be there during the streaming/screening.

Executive Producer Mark Samuels sees the event as a great way of getting the film’s message across to a wider audience. “Events [such as film festivals and previews] are not always accessible to everyone, he said. “We want to bring that experience to our fans and make it possible for anyone with an Internet connection to join us in the national dialog surrounding the past, present and future of the environmental movement.”

Although this is the first time a movie has made its debut on a social networking site, Earth Days is following (sort of) a precedent set by another eco-doc. In 2009, the documentary Home was made available on YouTube at the same time as its cinema and DVD release.

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