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"The ‘Pro-Am’ era [is] a time when professionals and amateurs work side-by-side," writes Wired Editor, Chris Anderson in his book The Long Tail. "Don’t be surprise if some of the most creative and influential work in the next few decades comes from this Pro-Am class of inspired hobbyists." This emerging DIY class of multi-talented Pro-Ams is not exclusive to hobbyists, however. Pro-Ams turn their passion into a "second job," whether it’s about charting the night-time sky or building a deck addition to their home. Defining Characteristics Hobbyists Hobbyists are enthusiastic experts that can tell you the difference between Su-34 Fullback 360 Degree Twin Vectored and a F-16 360-Degree Thrust Vector ARF model airplanes or spend significant time searching for unknown asteroids to name. Their astronomy or model airplane hobbies are not lucrative enough for them to quit their day job, so they have to spend their free time searching the stars and building planes. They also want to share their knowledge with the world. That’s why they frequently update Wikipedia and forum entries in their respective fields and blog, blog, blog about the most recent industry news and insights. Key Facts: * 58 percent of the population consider themselves engaging in a Pro-Am activity, according to a Demos report * Gardening is the number one Pro-Am activity, followed by DIY and sports teams, according to the Demos report Brand Profile: Wikipedia, Blogger, WordPress DIYers There are channels, magazines and more than a handful of sites dedicated to DIYers. They are confident in their ability to take on new challenges — armed with tools and blueprints. DIYers refuse to call a plumber whenever a new pipe leaks or a roofer when the ceiling drips. They get under the sink or on top of the roof to investigate and fix the problem. Key Facts: * has an average 61.5 million monthly unique users, according to Brand Profile: DIY Network,, Macro Trend MAXimizers — Maximizers thrive on getting the most out of life. For Hobbyists, it’s about...

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