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Doritos Viralocity Ads Push the Boundaries of Cheesy Good Taste


Thought a goat cheese variation was as extreme as Doritos would get? Think again—the snack giant (specifically, its Canadian counterpart) continues to make each new commercial more eye-popping and provocative than the last. Some are successfully clever ("Taste-Test Whistle-Blower") while others fall into the just-plain-wrong category, like "Hot Sexy Dorito Lady," (below), in which a certain body part—not the one you are led to believe—is inexplicably used to promote something delicious that you're supposed to put in your mouth.

The brains behind the Doritos ads know what they're doing, though. The four consumer-created commercials that won this year's "Crash the Super Bowl" contest have generated millions of views in turn for the $5 million in cash prizes the creators received upon being chosen from over 4,000 submissions. The trade-off? By reaching out to viewers and allowing them to express their originality, the Doritos folks can get away with more and accept less of the flack that might come with the more controversial fare. Here's a look at some of the company's recent talked-about ads.

Doritos Canada's "Snax Effect" While this ad might not necessarily make you want to go out and buy the chips, you will at least want to forward it to your friends.

"The Smackout," taken from the "Crash the Super Bowl" series, which conveys a common theme of violence. Apparently it's okay to kill people so long as you protect your precious chips.

Doritos Canada's "Share the Crazy Cheezy Dream" A more lighthearted attempt to spread the word about Canada's commercial contest, in which the winner's proceeds will go to Canadian charities.

"House Rules" Another Crash the Super Bowl winner, in which a precocious boy watches after his mother, telling her date, "Keep your hands off my mom...and my Doritos." This finalist was the more favorable, gaining over four million views to date.