Strata Tower: The First Building With Wind Turbines Incorporated Into Its Design


Plenty of buildings around the world have wind turbines perched on their roofs at this point, but the Strata tower in London’s Elephant and Castle area is set to become the first to incorporate turbines into its original design. When completed in July, developers hope that the 42-floor, 408-unit apartment building will generate 8% of its electricity from the turbines.

The $19.7 million skyscraper, nicknamed “The Razor” for obvious reasons, will feature three 19 kilowatt turbines on its roof. The jumbo turbines each have five 29.5-foot blades that suck wind from different angles and accelerate it through tubes with a little help from the Venturi Effect. All in all, the turbines are expected to produce 50 megawatt hours of power each year. But not everyone is convinced that the Razor’s design marks the beginning of an urban turbine-filled era. Paul King, the chief executive of the U.K. Building Council, expresses his doubts in the UK Guardian:

“You’ve got to take your hat off to the design team for delivering a building that clearly captures the imagination. I doubt whether wind power will become a common feature in high-rise inner-city projects–but without this type of bold innovation, how would we ever know? Let’s see how it works and learn from the real performance data that is gathered.”

In any case, the Razor won’t be the only building with incorporated turbines for long. Paris’s Phare Tower will come with both a solar skin and rooftop turbines when it is finished in 2015.

[Via UK Guardian]AS