Eye Candy: The Spellbinding Light Projections of Kit Webster


We’ve previously covered some amazing media facades, light projections on buildings, and some amazing interactive light shows. The artist Kit Webster has a similar MO: He usually uses LCD projectors in his pieces, but he works on a smaller scale. That allows him to create some pretty luscious illusions.

Enigmatica, Webster’s most recent work, was presented this month in Port Melbourne Australia. Starting with a series of square frames that recede into space, Webster then projects images onto each one–creating a disorienting, 3-D space out of light:

In Morphology, Webster created a kind of 21st century kaleidoscope:

For Spacemixing, Webster projects video onto a hanging white cube. The different faces are projected with images blurred and faded to suggest transparency–creating what seems like a translucent display:

And here, or course, is a building projection:

[Via Creative Applications]CK