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WANTED: The JakPak, a Jacket That Converts Into a Tent

Finally! Our wildest dreams for hobo-tech can now be had for $250.


As a regular reader of, you know that we keep sharp about developments in hobotech: From hobo-conventions for techies to rolling hobo shelters. So it's with great excitement that we bring you the JakPak, a jacket that converts into a tent.


Previously, we'd only seen student concepts of this sort of idea. But the JakPak—pardon the egregious, vaguely pornographic name—will be available for $250 this spring.


It's loaded with features, suited to three seasons of camping (spring, summer, and fall). The jacket itself is breathable and waterproof—it even has a routing system for iPod cords. Inside, extra fabric in the lining can be unfurled, to create a sleeping bag. There's then another large flap, integrated into the back, that converts the sleeping bag into a one-person tent. The jacket interior even contains a mosquito net.

Granted, the confined space might take some getting used to, but this is pretty genius for overnight hikes where packing tent poles and the like seems excessive. Or for long sojourns across America, while you're riding the rails, eating beans from a can.

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