You Saw the Exhibition, Now Buy the Art

The Guggenheim is auctioning off the works displayed in its recent exhibition, Contemplating the Void.

Contemplating the Void

Recently, we brought you a slideshow preview of a lovely exhibition at the Guggenheim, Contemplating the Void, which runs through April 28. In it, the Guggenheim invited 200 artists and designers to imagine radical installations for the interior of the museum–fantastical ideas for turning the famous central atrium into something entirely new.

Well, if you liked a piece from the show, you might also be able to own it: The Guggenheim is auctioning off 95% of the pieces. The list of works is basically a hit parade of architects and designers you’re read about quite often on–including (covered Snøhettahere); BIG (covered here); Toyo Ito (covered here); Joris Laarman (covered here and pictured below); Marti Guixe (covered here); and MVRDV, which was most recently one of our 50 Most Innovative Companies.

Contemplating the Void

Obviously, a few of the works, such as the one up top by artist Matthew Ritchie, are likely to go for several thousand dollars. But most of those by architects and designers will probably be had for a couple hundred bucks.

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