• 03.12.10

Madonna Inks Teenage Fashion, Perfume Deals, Beats World to “Material Girl” Joke

Remember about this time in in 2007 when Madge’s line of tracksuits for H&M debuted and went on to become a giant Lycra FAIL? Neither does Macy, apparently.


Anything that Stella McCartney can do, Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone Penn Ritchie Insert Your Name Here And Win A Prize! obviously feels she can do better. She’s just inked a deal with Iconix Brand Group that will see her producing a range of clothes for children that will be sold at Macy.


The MG Icon range (that’s Material Girl) will cost between $12 and $40 and comprise of back-to-school apparel, footwear, handbags, and jewelry. It’ll be interesting to know which of her looks the once-chameleonic star will take inspiration from. As far as I can remember, the Disco Slut era was followed by the Lapsed Catholic Slut era, which in turn begat the Days of Tassels-On-Ma-Wotsits, and Italians Do It Better. What is most ironic about this announcement is that, while once she really was a fashion icon, recent years have seen her pottering about in Adidas tracksuits, Ed Hardy tees, and big puffy anoraks. A new set of priorities, perhaps.


And then there was this–M’s first foray into fashion retailing: her collection for H&M. Capsule-like in its unadventurousness, the only thing you could really say about it was don’t light a cigarette while you’re wearing any of the mainly-black, mostly-shiny garments. There was also, if I remember rightly, a risible pair of sunglasses with a gilt M on the arms.

While the statement from Iconix was positively fawning spaniel-like in its euphoria, Madonna’s was a bit more cool. “Joining forces to bring my fashion ideas to consumers is very exciting for me,” she said. But you’ve got to give her a break. Famed for her multi-tasking, she probably whipped off this statement at the same time she was chowing down on some macrobiotic mung beans, minimizing her bingo wings, laying down the lyrics for her next album, showing up on The Marriage Ref, feeding the chickens, healing the world, and berating an assistant.

Those of you who feel too old to be able to really work the look will have to wait for the singer’s fragrance to be released sometime next year. As to what it will smell like–money, a virgin?–well, your guess is as good as mine.

[Via Daily Mail]

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