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Converse Starts a New Business on the Side


Converse are the lo-fi sneakers that everyone loves—precisely because of their "can't change, won't change"-ness. And now, with a little help from Takahiro Miyashita, designer of now-extant, but-still-cult Japanese label Number (N)ine, they've gone through a serious jhuzz-up. The laces are off-center, there's some crazy lace/felt upper stuff going on—actually super-shaggy suede—and there's a rather twinkly little gold star on the back end.


In fact, just about the only thing that hasn't changed is the All-Star signage on the back, and the plimsoll-line stripe running round the bottom. They're available from tomorrow at some seriously high-end stores—10 Corso Como, Colette, Dover St Market, Wood Wood, and Aloha Rag, for starters—and will cost $140 per pair.

converse converse

One has to admit, however, that side-lacing shoes don't always work. Above left, see the Piltdown Man version, from Top Man, and Above right, the 101-Uses-For-A-Dead-Slanket, available in Target stores right now.

[Via Cool Hunting]