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Spin Master's Tech-Driven Creations

The Toronto-based toymaker has inspired crazes with its tech-driven creations.

Spin Master's Tech-Driven Creations
Images Courtesy of Spin Master
Images Courtesy of Spin Master

1) 1994: Earth Buddy

These small sacks of dirt that sprout grass were such a craze that Spin Master turned to Toronto's homeless population to help fill orders.

2) 1998: Air Hogs

The technology powering these miniature planes is so sophisticated, nearly one-quarter of collectors are adults.

3) 2004: Aquadoodle

This toy lets kids draw in multicolor disappearing ink using only water. It's one of the best-selling preschool toys in the U.S.

4) 2006: Tech Deck

Spin Master pioneered the action-sports toy category — to the ire of middle-school teachers everywhere, who list it as the most-confiscated toy.

5) 2007: Bakugan

Magnets turn plastic spheres into these intricate action figures, ready for tournament battle.

A version of this article appeared in the April 2010 issue of Fast Company magazine.