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Imagine riding in the NYC subway at rush hour. There is the hipster jamming out to his playlist and playing an Android app and the young socialite fashionista in "Helena" high heel open-toe platform Gucci boots. What do these worlds apart people have in common? They are Beta People. They thrive on the latest trends, whether its in technology or fashion. You can consider them Innovators on Roger’s Innovation Adoption Curve (above). They are tech and fashion aficionados that will pay top dollar for the latest Alexander McQueen or Gucci fashions or Android model. Defining Characteristics Fashionistas Who would spend $649 on a pair of Alexander McQueen shoes when you can 10 average pairs for the same price? For Fashionistas, that question never crosses their mind. It’s not about bang for your buck, it’s all about the image. It’s the image and feeling of wearing $649 Alexander McQueen shoes or $790 Gucci cuffed shorts or a $198 D&G belt. While only a small inner circle of in-the-know Fashionistas can tell the difference between D&G and Gucci cuffed shorts, the image and feeling of those $790 designer shorts is worth it. Brand Profile: Alexander McQueen, Gucci, D&G TechGeeks TechGeeks drooled over iPad image leaks and anxiously awaited a Google Wave invite. Mashable and TechCrunch are in their incredibly large RSS stream. They were the first to buzz about Google Buzz. For TechGeeks, Christmas comes whenever Google, Apple or other tech companies unveil the latest gadgetry. Brand Profile: Android, Apple, Mashable, Gizmodo, Ars Technica Urban Artists Urban Artists are highly imaginative individuals. They like express the diversity of their lives in creative ways; always have their own designs in mind as they seek the fulfillment of discovering something new. Urban Artists thrive on music, painting and other creative outlets...

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