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What does the lady with 30 coupons in the check out line have in common with a Twittering gear head? Both are pro-active in either searching for the best deal or building a digital network of followers. Type A individuals know what they want, and will spend the extra, painstaking time to get there — whether it’s printing digital coupons or Tweeting daily auto tips or sourcing food. Defining Characteristics Deal Seekers Deal Seekers thrive on savings. Some Deal Seekers flip through the Penny Saver in search of the best deals and some turn to the web to satisfy their deal cravings. They are addicted to, and in their pursuit for the best deals. Although they might not need a new winter jacket, they could save $25 on a $150 fur coat. That’s $25 savings! Key Facts: * has coupons for nearly 50,000 retail stores. Moreover, its traffic has skyrocketed from 1.5 million monthly unique users in September 2009 to 5 million in December 2009,according to * users print 198 percent more coupons for casual dining in 2008, according to CNN * Since launching in November 2007, Gilt Group (a luxury discount site) membership has grown to 1.3 million registered users in the US, along with 200,000 in their fifth month in Japan. Brand Profile: Deal Catcher, RetailMeNot, Gilt Group Digital Influence Builders Top bloggers and social network users spend countless hours building digital personas. Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn and other digital platforms are venues to build their digital identities and networks. They are the gearheads dishing out daily auto advice on Twitter and the blogging fashionistas jabbing celebrity fashion faux pas. Regardless of the content, Digital Influence Builders actively build networks of readers and users by generating consistent, unique content. Key Facts: * Celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton has 1.8 million followers on Twitter * Marketing guru and blogger, Seth Godin...

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