• 03.11.10

Karl Lagerfeld Becomes Fashion’s Sarah Palin With Climate-Skeptic Runway Show

Chanel’s legendary designer flips the bird to climate science, with a 240-ton “iceberg” created for his latest ready-to-wear collection.


Fashion makes a mint using calculated provocations and wanton displays of luxury. You expect it. But Karl Lagerfeld’s latest runway show for Chanel, showing off his Autumn/Winter 2010 collection, was stomach-turning in its grandeur. For the stage, Lagerfeld commissioned 30 ice sculptors to chip away at 240 tons of ice over 6 days, creating an artificial iceberg 28 feet tall. The entire building–some 57,000 square feet–was cooled to freezing temperatures. The theme? Global Cooling.


Lagerfeld topped that all off by telling Reuters, “Have you felt any warming this winter? Maybe that’s all nonsense, who knows.” Actually, scientists do know, and every argument lobbed by climate skeptics happens to be tissue-thin. (See this infographic for all the gory details.) According to NASA data, 2000-2009 was the warmest decade in the last 130 years.


What’s really rich is that the collection features dozens of synthetic fur coats–all meant to stay on the good side of animal-rights activists.

I’m pretty sure that when Africa is riven by wars over drinking water and Bangladesh is half underwater, mankind will look back on events like the Chanel show with profound shame.

For a video of the show–including the stage and clothes, check out The Telegraph.

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[Via Wallpaper and Reuters]

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