Charities Offering More Jobs, Better Pay in 2010

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Apart from good karma–especially given the recent tragedies in Haiti and Chile–working for a charity will also offer good career prospects in 2010. According recent findings from Professionals for Nonprofits, most plan to hire new employees this year, and the overwhelming
majority will raise staff salaries (or hold them steady).

Fittingly, fundraisers and financiers are the most in-demand. The data, which came from more than 1,200 organizations in New York, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C., reveals that pay for fundraising jobs rose by 10% last year, while pay for senior-level finance jobs rose 7%. (Both numbers are expected to increase.) At charities with more than $50 million in yearly donations, the latter positions pay anywhere from $160,000 to $200,000.

So, where should you apply? Safe bets include educational groups, hospitals, and
charities that work with homeless people or AIDS patients–program areas that received increased government funding. However, it’d be best to avoid small social-services or arts groups, both of which “seem to have the toughest time,” says Gayle Brandel, president of Professional for Nonprofits.

Below, some location-specific data (takeaway: move to D.C.):

  • In New York, 37% of organizations expect their staff salaries to remain the same in 2010, while 55% expect to raise workers’ pay. Only 5% expect to cut salaries.
  • In Washington, 27% of groups expect salaries to stay
    steady, while 65% expect to offer raises. Only 2% expect
    to make pay cuts.
  • Among the New Jersey groups, 36% expect to hold the line on
    salaries this year, while 54% expect to give raises. Only 3% are forecasting salary cuts.

[Via The Chronicle of Philanthropy; image via Life123]

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