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Infographic of the Day

Infographic of the Day: The Best Jobs in America

What jobs earn the most, and will be most plentiful, in the coming decade?

Infographic of the Day: The Best Jobs in America

Recently, produced a Top 100 list of the best jobs in America. And it wasn't particularly compelling until put it in this infographic, which summarizes the results (click the link for full-size):

Best Jobs in America

The most interesting data is in the parentheticals—in particular, the number of people actually employed in that job, which gives you some sense of how large the employment opportunity actually is:

Best Jobs in America

But still, this could have all been way better: The data's drawn from the Bureau of Labor statistics, which also projects growth rates for each of the occupations in the study. (All of the jobs in the list have growth rates of at least 10%.)

BTW, we actually highlighted the aggregate growth rates here, in another IGOTD. But we're still waiting for the killer infographic that lets us know both what jobs are hot, plentiful, and fast-growing in a single, awesome IGOTD.

[Via Information About Information]