• 03.11.10

ChatRoulette Spin-Off Uses Google Maps to (Almost) Shed Anonymity

ChatRoulette map

It only took a couple of months, but it seems the first spin-off of ChatRoulette is here. ChatRoulette Map does exactly what it sounds like, using Google Maps to plot the IP addresses of all the voyeurs and weirdies who are online and using the crazy site. You can choose whether to hoist up a picture of yourself–so far, FC has spotted a couple of dirty bras, some tops-off Latin guys with dubious facial hair, and some badly-spelled signs leaving you in no doubt as to what the user is looking for.


The site has already had to tweak its M.O., as some of the ChatRouletters were being unmasked, and user-identifiable information was being found in their IP details. Most busted, however, may have been users up in the Northeast: a message on the Web site reads, “We’d like to advise to stop using students’ names in their hostnames.”

[ChatRoulette Map Via Laughing Squid]

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