Today in Most Innovative Companies


Apple: If the iPhone’s market share wasn’t enough, even Steve Jobs’ legal team is scaring away potential competitors now. Since Apple filed suit against HTC over alleged patent-infringement, analysts say that “top-tier smartphone makers” are now revising plans for mobile devices, out of fear of potential lawsuits and memorandum-spewing iPads.

IBM: More than 13 billion plastic bottles are disposed of each year, and while plastic is a big source of recycling, the material its made from is limited to “second generation reuse,” meaning it can’t be recycled repeatedly. Scientists at IBM and Stanford announced a breakthrough in green chemistry today though, pioneering a polymer that could create a new recycling process that would reduce waste. With every person in the U.S. disposing up to 63 pounds of plastic packaging annually, this discovery could go a long way toward reducing our carbon footprint.

Samsung: Electronics juggernaut Samsung started selling 3-D televisions this week in the U.S. along with Panasonic. For just $3,000, you get a 46-inch TV, a 3-D-compatible Blu-ray player, the eagerness of waiting months for Avatar‘s release, and a whopping two pairs of 3-D shades, which really seals the deal if you ask me. Panasonic on the other hand is hawking the same Blu-ray player and a 50-inch plasma for $2,900–don’t be fooled by that larger screen though, since Panasonic only includes ONE PAIR of 3-D glasses, which apparently accounts for the hundred dollar price difference. Totally a deal breaker–I can’t watch reruns of Sportscenter 3-D on Saturday nights alone–that would be so lame! Could you?