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Adam Rich on Ben Simon, Guitar Superhero

We asked Adam Rich, editor-in-chief of Thrillist — the guy who tells guys what's cool — to tell us the coolest thing he's seen lately and why.

Adam Rich on Ben Simon, Guitar Superhero

"I saw Ben Simon perform with one of his crazy instruments in the New York subway, and I thought they were awesome. They're half guitar, half art project. He uses his woodworking skills to create these unique objects. He'll even find old synth boards and chips from the '80s to put in these guitars, so he can play along with himself. I grew up loving bands like Depeche Mode that merged the electronic with the organic, and Simon's guitars do that in a single instrument. They start as low as $500, which is very attainable for custom work. And the best part? Whether you're into guitars or not, you can probably play one of these pieces with the same effectiveness."

A version of this article appeared in the April 2010 issue of Fast Company magazine.