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Photographer Andreas Gurksy's Ocean Series Was Shot From Space

Andreas Gursky

Photographer Andreas Gursky is known for capturing massive, impossibly-large subjects, but for his latest project, not even the widest-angled lens on the planet would do. In a new show that opened last week at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills, Gurksy worked for the first time with satellite imagery as his raw materials for the series named Ocean.

Andreas Gursky

According to the exhibition text: "In their darkly nuanced surfaces, he has worked to reconcile the division between the machine eye and the human eye, continuing the debates and practices begun in the nineteenth century regarding photography and the issue of artistic expression versus objective science."

Andreas Gursky

In a second gallery, Gurksy has collected some of his other well-known works, like this piece, Pyongyang I. A documentary film about his life will also be screening at the space.

Andreas Gursky

The prints complement a new addition by the architect Richard Meier, who added 5000 square feet to the existing gallery, also designed by Meier in 1995.

Andreas Gursky

Meier added a curved wooden ceiling, skylights and a rooftop deck. The Gurksy installation is up through May 1. The Meier installation is, of course, permanent.

Installation photos by Josh White