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Is Appropriate Laptop Fare on Flights? Survey Says...


Asked by TripAdvisor in its second annual air travel survey what they'd do if their next-door neighbor were accessing inappropriate content on the in-flight Wi-Fi (not, one assumes, the movie Airplane!), 22% of respondents said they would ask the person to close the offending material; 6% would complain to the airline; but 27% would alert a flight attendant.

The follow-up questions—namely, just what would they ask the trolley dolly to do, especially if he or she were a hottie—were not, it seems, deemed important enough for TripAdvisor.

While the survey dealt a lot with airline fees, the online travel site threw up a few other interesting titbits on a whole host of topics, from A(irports) to (si)Z(e). In a nutshell:

  • A quarter of respondents named legroom as the biggest pet peeve.
  • 56% expected airline fees to increase this year, citing the non-carry on baggage costs as most annoying.
  • 74% thought that fatties should be made to buy two seats, with over one-fifth expecting (hoping?) airlines to start charging extra for the overweight.
  • In-Flight Wi-Fi is a big draw for passengers, with 30% more likely to book a flight on a Wi-Fi supporting flight. 61% wouldn't pay extra for the service, while 27% would pay $5 or less for it.
  • Over half of those polled prefer to travel with just cabin baggage, citing the extra fees as a reason.
  • 79% are not bothered by airport scanners that strip you of your dignity.
  • Smalltalk: 73% want a little, 12% want none.
  • The gender of the person in the seat next to you is unimportant for 65%, but of the 35% who did care, 87% would prefer their seatmate to be a woman.
  • Over half the respondents would rather have an aisle seat.

The usual gripes about airports came up as well. Snaking security lines, food prices and lack of seating, and 95% of the 3,200 Americans polled thought that there should be a price limit on water, since airport rules forbid passengers to take bottles through security.

[Via TripAdvisor. Image Via Gizmodo]