EA Sports Active 2.0 Will Measure Your Heartbeat, Share Your Data, and Work on Your iPhone

EA Sports Active

Given the roaring success of Wii-exclusive EA Sports Active, the hardcore workout video that masquerades as a video game, a sequel was pretty much inevitable. Thankfully, this one’s more Dark Knight than Electric Boogaloo.

The new, improved EA Sports Active will include a heartbeat monitor that straps around your arms and one of your
thighs. But instead of just showing you how hard you’re working–as if you need another numerical reminder while you’re dripping in sweat–it senses your motions, and translates them into actions in the game. It’s similar to Wii Sports, only you can use your whole body, not just a handheld remote, to jump and shoot hoops.

There’s also an online hub, where you can store fitness data and download new workouts. You can also use the site to share workout progress with your friends–instead of, say, posting rapidfire updates on Twitter and Facebook about how many calories you’ve burned or miles you’ve run. (I’m happy for you. We’re all happy for you. Now stop making me feel so lazy!)

EA Sports Active 2.0 hits stores this fall, with expanded versions for the PlayStation 3, iPod Touch, and iPhone. There’s no word on how, exactly, the game’s technology will integrate with the mobile platforms, but EA promises that it “will go with you wherever you are.” Sounds awesome…and omnious.

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