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Infographic of the Day

Infographic of the Day: Arms Sales Around the World

Business is booming!

Arms Sales

We're all dimly aware that America's defense contractors sell weapons around the world. But you'd probably be surprised at just how huge a business it is: The U.S. accounts for nearly 70% of weapons exports around the world, and the market comes to over $55 billion.

All that information is laid out in a useful new infographic created for GOOD by Column Five Media. Here, for example, are the items that are the hottest sellers on the international market:

Arms Sales

But what might be most troubling is that our old BFF's Saudi Arabia—a petro-monarchy with deep ties to Washington, where domestic charities regularly fund terrorism—are the biggest arms buyers, having accrued nearly $37 billion in foreign arms between 2001-2008.

Check out the entire chart at GOOD.