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Test-Drive Your Porsche Using Google Maps--But Watch Out for Cyclists


Porsche has come up with a nifty little marketing campaign for its Cayenne models, using a couple of Google APIs. It's basically a virtual test-drive where you can plot yourself a nice little route—I plumped for the Golden Gate Bridge, followed by a spin in the Cumbrian Pennines, in the North of England—and sit back and enjoy the German carmaker's spiel about how its torque is second to none while dramatic music is piped through your speakers.


The two minute-or-so flash movie segues seamlessly (no doubt like the car's transmission) between Google Maps and pictures taken from Google's geolocation photo-sharing Web site, Panoramio. Porsche nerd will, I'm sure, appreciate that the video window measures 911 pixels across. It's fun, although, speaking as a cyclist, I'm waiting for the mash-up between this and the cycle routes that will soon be appearing on Google Maps. Billed as "the most requested addition to Google Maps," the routes will be available in 150 cities across the U.S. (I'm hoping they come to the U.K. more quickly than it might take me to cycle from NY to London.) The mash-up could be the goriest game ever invented.

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