Facebook to Add Location Data, Encourage Epic Levels of Oversharing


According to The New York Times, Facebook is set to introduce location sharing into their arsenal of social networking tricks this April at the F8 conference. I predict that 98% of my Facebook updates will read “My bedroom.”

This is unconfirmed, but according to trusted sources, Facebook has been developing this location-based feature in-house for awhile now, tinkering until it’s completely ready for release. There are to be two main aspects to the update. First is what you’d expect, a simple update from Facebook that lets you share your location. The second is actually an API, a set of developer tools that allow third-party developers to take advantage of this new feature. That could mean other developers, like Foursquare, would be able to input user information into Facebook.

It’s impossible to predict exactly how this location-based update will look. The easy prediction is something similar to Twitter’s location awareness, in which status updates are accompanied (if desired) by the location of the user. But The New York Times also says, with surprising confidence, that Facebook isn’t going after Foursquare, Gowalla, and Loopt, but actually Google’s dominance in small business advertising. What would that look like? We’ll have to wait until F8 to find out.

Until then (and likely after then), I will remain in my bedroom.

[Via The New York Times]DN