Google Gussies Up With Dish for TV Search Service

Google Dish

Thanks to a hook-up with satellite TV provider Dish Network, Google is getting into the TV search business. The project, which neither Google or Dish are commenting on, will use new set-top boxes that run on Android, and is aiming to bring broadcast TV and online video together, as well as creating a personalized TV schedule.

Thanks to its ownership of YouTube, Google already has several content deals with broadcasters. The idea ties in neatly with its latest ruse, Google TV Ads, which sells advertising spots for television, in which, Dish Network is one of its primary partners.

Android-powered set-top boxes are not currently on the market, but Eric Schmidt thinks that the Google OS is the perfect platform for the medium. “It makes sense that people would use Android as an operating system for set-top boxes, buddy boxes and TVs,” he said last month. “All of those ideas have been proposed by our partners.”

A small number of Google employees are currently trialing the system, but it’s not expected to be available commercially for some time.

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