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Consumers Only Want Green Cars If They Are Superior in Every Possible Way

Hybrid Cars

Think consumers are so hungry for all things green that they will buy a hybrid car just because it's a hybrid? Think again. A study from Accenture shows that 6 out of 10 people are more likely to buy a hybrid or electric car only if it is better than a gasoline-powered counterpart in every way—that means a hybrid needs to dominate in cost, entertainment features, safety, maintenance, communication, and navigation add-ons.

Accenture broke up its survey results, taken from 1,850 consumers in five countries (Germany, France, Italy, the United States, and Canada), into a handy chart.

Survey Question

Germany % of

France % of

Italy % of

U.S./Canada % of

More likely to buy a hybrid or electric vehicle that is better than a fuel-only car in every way 74% 55% 46% 65%
Rate the fuel efficiency of a hybrid or electric car very good to excellent, but rate ride, performance, style and maintenance as good 59% 64% 45% 74%
More likely to buy a hybrid or electric vehicle in the next two years 29% 51% 62% 31%
More likely to purchase a hybrid in the next two years 67% 63% 71% 70%
More likely to buy an electric car in the next two years 17% 22% 19% 5%
Everyone should own a hybrid or electric car 21% 39% 57% 26%
Would pay nothing more for a hybrid or electric car compared to a fuel-only vehicle 45% 52% 46% 56%
Desire a payback time for a hybrid or electric car purchase to be five years or less 64% 83% 73% 82%
Assuming a hybrid or electric vehicle could run on an electric charge for 200 miles, want the driving distance between re-charging points to be every 11 to 50 miles 55% 44% 52% 20%
Want re-charging to take less than 20 minutes 72% 73% 69% 50%

As you can see, there's also some good news for hybrid and electric automakers: over half of all consumers polled plan to buy a hybrid in the next two years. That's because automakers have taken big strides forward in increasing the quality and options available in their hybrids. Electric cars, however, aren't quite ready for prime time, which is why most people polled don't plan on buying one the coming years. But if gas prices rise dramatically in the next decade, we're guessing most potential car buyers won't care too much if their hybrids have pimped-out in-car entertainment systems.

[Via Business Wire]