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I am an entrepreneur, a consultant in trend strategy with a virtual office. For 15 years I worked fulltime in offices and corporations as a designer, I am familiar with the cube-a-day world. These last eight years as a consultant and lecturer have been a new brand of freedom both inspirational and fraught with challenges.

While working alone, on the road or in a coffee shop is my norm, with the economy as it is I am seeing more and more people join me as we seek a place to call office.

Something happens when you have other bodies in the room. Somehow you are within an energy field of focus that influences you. I can say the same is true regarding innovation and ideation. It is refreshing to be able to check in with someone regarding an idea or direction.

On the suggestion of John Malnor of Steelcase I have recently started working at, a global co-working space with a newly opened branch at the in Berkeley and in San Francisco, California. is heaven sent. We are social beings and while I may not want to chat at Starbucks, I do somehow get more work done, and of a higher quality with warm bodies present in the room at The Hub. 

The David Brower Center is a new Platinum LEED building that houses over a hundred .orgs, each contributing to future change in some manner. To me, this is the future of work – shared spaces with shared purpose. Hub Berkeley is just one of the many offices housed there and luckily it is right across the hall from the newly formed Redford Foundation.

The drivers of HUB Berkeley co-working spaces are involved with investors at These are the creators of SoCap, a social capital conference held yearly in the Bay area. HUB offers free access simply for being a member. There are endless workshops held by members, movie screenings and celebration events such as the Kiva 4th year celebration.

It is here that I am meeting people of the future. These are people creating new ways of working with new social innovation companies that make me jump for joy. Being involved with change-makers is astounding; these are energetic, impassioned and innovative folk creating small yet powerful businesses. These are people with a mix of small business smarts and big creative effect with mega legal skills for traction… an empowered and almost unknown new power in America.

Trend: Fusionistas
As a business consultant I have not been exposed to the energetic and happy crowd the Hub provides. These are not the cranky (and necessary) politically correct change-maker crowd, nor are they the corporate excluders. These are the fusionistas with skills who are making a difference from grassroots on up. And there are a lot of them.

Hub Members
On any given day you can run into and speak with Amy who is developing an in-depth social network site focused on cooperative hyper locality; or Val working on The Designers Accord; or our host today who is a graduate exchange student from France; or what about the young man from China who graduated from Harvard and is in town working on his concept; and then Emily who is bringing the Insights innovation lecture series to The Bay Area, or Jennifer who is working on an eco luxury camping experience or Cam working on a clean tech product or Jody working on her global trend project for Helsinki…

I highly recommend stepping out of your norm and working with others to see what happens.

Other interesting co-working spaces/experiences:

Thank you to Elizabeth Adams or editor in Montreal and for now - Spain!


About Jody Turner Founder of Future Trend Company
The economic downturn has forced us to pay attention and leverage broad, supportive, inventive and inspirational solutions that re-address the directions we are heading in. Jody works with company, community, media and country to optimize this opening, making sure we lean toward solution-based futures.

Jody is an innovation and transformation advocate, a creative researcher and lecturer whose projects and presentations provide strategic pictures of today’s changing world, injecting compelling, solution-driven content along with living examples of constructive innovation.

Jody’s focus is on the architecture of change and the powerful change-makers influencing us today.