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iPhone Players: Prepare to Frag PC and Console Gamers


The Apple-vs.-PC war is about to get literal. Bigpoint and Unity Technologies are demonstrating at the Game Developers Conference a new version of the Unity browser-based software, which will now allow iPhone gamers to play against PC players.

The companies presented today a racing game demo, named "Uniter," demonstrating the technology. "This is our vision of the gaming industry in the future, independent of the platforms. Just imagine your friends are sitting around in the office or the university, and you turn on your iPhone and race against them—everything in realtime and 3-D," said Bigpoint CEO Heiko Hubertz. The software supports up to 16 players. It also allows a single user to start a game on one platform and continue it on another—similar to what Microsoft demoed for Windows Phone 7.

And the future of the software? An iPad version is in the works, developers said. They are also working on Unity for Android. "The technology we are using isn't working on Android, but we expect it to in the next two to three months," Hubertz told And what about consoles? "It's in our plan. The technology we are using we can actually bring to the PlayStation 3 and the Wii at the moment, so we'll see. It's not our main focus, but we will see what we will do at the end of this year."


Bigpoint is a Germany-based publisher of online games with over 100 million users worldwide, and it just opened an American branch in San Francisco. Unity Technologies makes software for browser-based games, including games for Cartoon Network, LEGO, and Electronic Arts.

What does this all mean? A multi-platform LEGO Universe? A new Cartoon Network MMO everywhere? Stay tuned.