Now PayPal Goes for Cryptome, Suspends Account


Two weeks after had the plug pulled temporarily on it by host Network Solutions, it seems the site has run into more problems–only this time, with someone else. The site’s current frenemy is eBay, who has suspended Cryptome’s PayPal account and all donations received since February 24, around the time that Cryptome ran into problems with Microsoft, following publication of the software giant’s guide to online surveillance.

John Young, the New York-based architect who has run the site since 1996, has put details of his correspondence with the online payment firm on the site under the headline Cryptome Suspected of Money Laundering or Worse, and has asked his supporters to donate money by other means.

Although it is not clear what precipitated PayPal’s actions (although Cryptome has published a couple of the eBay subsidiary’s lawful spying docs in the past) it seems that the company is preparing a Suspicious Activity Report on the Web site. All they would say to Young via email was, “We have observed activity in your account that is unusual or potentially high risk.”

[Via The Register and Cryptome]