Apple Debuts First iPad Ad During Oscars, Demonstrates a Dozen Ways to Hold the Thing


Apple debuted its very first iPad ad during the Oscars tonight, showing off the tablet’s various functions (with an emphasis on reading) in signature style. Oh, and if you were wondering how to hold a giant slab of screen with no kickstand, the ad makes sure to demonstrate about a dozen options.

It’s a pretty typical modern Apple ad: soundtracked to inoffensive, perky indie rock, it shows the gadget’s functions front and center, in this case committing to essentially a dead sprint through the iPad’s uses. Newspapers, movies, calendar, maps, photos, email, iWork, and, of course, books are all given just enough time to register before the ad flashes on to the next one.

The ad, then, is a continuation of the iPhone campaign, rather than the MacBook ads, which typically feature a narrator explaining whatever change Apple’s made to the line to warrant a new product. It makes sense, since the iPad shares the OS, software, interface, and (some) accessories of the iPhone, and has almost nothing in common with Apple’s computer line–but it just reinforces the idea that this product is little more than an oversized iPhone. Apple doesn’t even need to explain what it is–you can watch 30 seconds of a demo and realize that if you can use an iPhone, you can use this. That, of course, is to both its strength and detriment, but time will tell if people embrace the jumbo-sized mobile or not. The iPad will be released on April 3.

[YouTube via MacRumors]DN