Today in Most Innovative Companies

BMW Group DesignworksUSA: Alas, there’s a fix to uncomfortable crowded planes: the Boeing Business Jet 2. Sure, it’ll set you back $55 million, but with a luxurious interior designed by BMW, how can you resist? The plane was recently named the second most expensive private plane in the world.

Walmart: The Whole Foods-competitor is set to open a distribution plant that’s 60 percent more energy efficient than other centers. The project will cost $115 million, and will feature high-efficiency LED lights, a “white roof membrane designed to deflect 85 percent of sunlight heat,” solar panels, a wind turbine machine, and a pilot program for fuel-cell tech. I’m pretty sure Tom Friedman is drooling right now.

Netflix: Well, this isn’t exactly about Netflix, but trust me, it’s huge news for the online movie king. According to Yahoo Finance, Netflix-nemesis Blockbuster is going back to charging late fees, which had been costing the video-chain between $250-$300 million annually in lost revenue. The video-chain has been losing so much money that they’ve been forced to revert back to their old, bad habits. Do you still rent movies from the store? Why would anyone ever pay late-fees? A five-day rental now costs $5 — that’s half of the lowest Netflix plan!

I wonder who this mob will go after now: