• 03.05.10

tvChatter Makes It Even Easier to Read Oscar Twitter Commentary (If That Is Indeed a Good Thing)

OMG what’s up with @BullockSandra’s dress? Who do you think is funnier, @AlecBaldwin or @SteveMartin? Hey, @KingoftheWorld do you really think Avatar is gonna win?


To hear the sound of wind getting knocked out of millions of chests when The Hurt Locker topples Avatar for best picture, you may want to download tvChatter, a real-time Twitter viewer that’s organized by TV show. The new app developed by frog design has developed a special section for this Sunday’s Academy Awards broadcast where armchair Twitters can compare Oscar pools with other viewers. tvChatter also lets users filter the Tweets within a particular show so you are only seeing commentary by people you already follow. According to this video from frog’s designers, this is an attempt to make TV more social:


We’ve seen plenty of apps, widgets and graphic overlaps trying to bridge the great TV-to-Twitter divide. Some of them, like FOX’s attempt to re-run episodes of Glee and Fringe with Twitter commentary rolling up along the bottom of the screen, were not as well-received. frog’s idea is right on in the sense that we want to keep the Twitter chatter on our devices, not on our sets. But is this really a huge step up from just searching “Oscars” or clicking a hashtag? At least it’s free, so there’s no harm in giving it a whirl this Sunday.


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