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Friday Fun: How to Bake a Cake that's Horrifying, Un-P.C., and Hilarious

Apocalypse Cakes creates confections inspired by the most terrifying facets of our modern world.

Friday Fun: How to Bake a Cake that's Horrifying, Un-P.C., and Hilarious

If the world is ending, why shouldn't we have a good time with it? That, anyway, is the sentiment behind Apocalypse Cakes, a Web site/Web store that produces recipes for horrifying cakes inspired by global disasters. Here are three of our favorites, along with their word-for-word descriptions:

Raining-Blood Red-Velvet Cake

Raining Blood Velvet Cake

"The Bible says that when the world goes to shit, blood will rain down and fill our Six Flags slides with summer fun and excitement. Flowing down deluged sub-development streets, blood rivers will send Hummers awash over strip malls. Indeed, as Slayer reminds us in their 1986 song, Raining Blood, 'the sky is turning red / return to power draws near.' [MP3] What Slayer is trying to say in this verse is that basically we are fucked. What better way to prep for blood rain than eating a Raining Blood Red Velvet Cake?"

Bird Flu Feather Cake

Bird Flu Feather Cake

"When the media started squawking about bird flu in '06 we resolved to wear clothes when writhing in pigeon droppings. We also began to boil our chicken blood before drinking it. But all the precautions in the world haven't stopped this free spirited virus from pecking through the species barrier to nest inside the human host. The disease has most recently infected toddlers in Egypt and Indonesia, and authorities say the virus is on its way to a First World turkey dinner at your house. Why not whip up this globally popular dessert before your lungs collapse?"

Global Jihad Date Cake

Global Jihad Date Cake

"Considering how many Islamic fundamentalist panties are in a wad over Western decadence, our world is sure to end in an explosion of medjool dates and vintage car parts. Unforgivable threats to Sharia law such as Orbit® Mist gum, Louis Vuitton, Hillary Clinton and the female orgasm have spurred the faithful into a vehicular holy war and your curb is next. Get to baking this exotic Global Jihad Date Cake today before Allah's most pious blow your ass up."

Check out more at the Web site—which includes some even more offensive cakes—or buy the recipe cards at Etsy.

[Via Lost at E Minor]