FCUK Exposes Its Naked Marketing Scheme to ChatRoulette Users


Last week, our very own Dan Macsai was speculating about how to monetize the slightly-scary, balls-out phenomenon that is ChatRoulette (yes, a week before Jon Stewart even discovered the site) and now it seems someone is already using it for a cunning marketing wheeze. Step forward U.K. clothing manufacturer French Connection’s quirky menswear blog Manifesto, who is challenging its readers to “rise above the sea of failing men and charm a woman on ChatRoulette.”

Accusing the site of being a muddy boulder, beneath which lurks “a world of spotty Brazilians and middle-aged exhibitionists,” FCUK nevertheless know a headline-grabbing opportunity when they see it. The prize is 250 quid’s-worth of French Connection clothes (that’s around 375 of your shiny green dollars) to whichever bloke is lucky enough to actually have a proper conversation with a real-life woman that doesn’t include the words “panties,” “hard,” and “Grunt.” Proof of contact is necessary, so wannabe lotharios will have to paste evidence of their chat into the comments section below.

[Manifesto Via Rabbit]AD