And the Oscar for Best Supporting Technology Product Placement Goes to…Apple!



The Awl put together a great piece examining the popularity of Apple products in film. Not editors, effects specialists, composers, or photographers using Apple products, or even celebrities owning iPhones–but the insane frequency with which Apple shows up in movies, without it being official product placement. It’s nuts.

Some of the key facts: of the 44 movies that ranked number one at the box office for at least one weekend this year, 18 of them (over 40%) featured an Apple product. Apple products appeared in more number one movies that any other brand, including Pepsi, which had held that somewhat honorable spot for nearly a decade. A list of some of those movies:

That list includes Drag Me to Hell,
Orphan, I Love You, Man, Duplicity, Crank 2: High Voltage, Ghosts of
Girlfriends Past, Imagine That, Sorority Row, Answer Man, Post Grad, I
Love You Beth Cooper, All About Steve, Hurt Locker, New York, I Love
You, It’s Complicated, Road Trip: Beer Pong, Law Abiding Citizen,
Fantastic Mr. Fox, Funny People
and Couples Retreat.

Interestingly, none of this data is from paid product placement, meaning Apple doesn’t pay a dime to get all this advertising. Instead, the company is known for being very willing to provide products that will be featured in films and television, for free. Whether this prominent visibility actually helps Apple’s sales, well, that’s impossible to accurately measure. Apple’s marketshare has gone up in recent years, as has its placement in movies, but the world of technology changes so fast, with so many variables, that it’s impossible (or at least not very fruitful) to reduce its success to one factor.


But Apple’s prominence in film isn’t ending in 2010. I have no idea how this list was compiled, considering half these films aren’t out yet, but here’s a list of confirmed cinematic Apple appearances this year:

Apple’s product placement pace will remain strong in 2010, with Apple placements already confirmed in the films
Book of Eli, When in Rome, Kick Ass, Chloe, The Killers, Wall Street 2,
City Island, She’s Out of My League, The Joneses, The Spy Next Door,
Percy Jackson: Lightning Thief, Valentine’s Day, The Bounty Hunter
and Toy Story 3.

[Via The Awl]


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