How Much Green Innovation Does $100 Million Buy?

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Earlier this week The Upswing brought you news–and a real purdy picture!– detailing the five hottest cities in the country in terms of generating green jobs. Today, we’d like to offer yet more good news in this area.

Seems the Department of Energy just dropped a $100 million check on Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (or ARPA-E) to go toward three main areas of green technology production. The areas are:

  1. Developing cost-effective, non-toxic means for energy storage.
  2. Building power converters that can reduce energy consumption by 30%.
  3. Exploring additional high-efficiency technology for heating and cooling systems.

Historically three has been the magic number. And it certainly is for ARPA-E, which announced the new funding on Tuesday at its first annual conference. In a statement, DOE Secretary Steven Chu said: “This is about unleashing the American innovation machine to solve the energy and climate challenge, while creating new jobs, new industries and new exports for America’s workers.”

Here, here. Now we’ll just have to wait and see how ARPA-E spends the cash and what it means for next year’s rankings of the top five places for green work.

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[Image: CleanTechnica]