The Indelible Brilliance of Jack Donaghy, the World’s Greatest Executive

jack donaghy

Hulu, as part of their relentless Attack on My Productivity, has put together a bunch of clips featuring Jack Donaghy, the GE executive played by Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock, at his managerial best. Whether you need to know when to wear a tuxedo (after 6, every day) or how to win at marbles (you hide them), Jack Donaghy is the man to ask. Warning: the following post contains (mostly consists of, really) Hulu clips, which means those outside the U.S. are out of luck. Sorry!

From The Book of Jack (not a real book):

Office romances are, in the minds of HR shrews and other naysayers, to be avoided for legal and morale reasons. But being a man in power means some leggy underlings will want to throw themselves at you–this is the reward for being such a fantastic manager. See Fig. A for details/instructions.

Fig. A:

Other examples of the wisdom of Jack Donaghy:

And one last one:

Check out Hulu’s blog post for a few more annotated examples. You’ll be a better manager for it.