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Bob Lutz, the controversial vice chairman of General Motors sat down with me to discuss social media on his company and on business. I was told it was the first time he had ever done an exclusive interview on the topic. As a board member on the Fortune 3 company, Lutz began blogging on GM FastLane in early 2005. FastLane has become one of a growing number of GM blogs and social media and Lutz, has been joined by a corporate team on the original blog. Lutz talks about social media and GM and social media in general, but, halfway through the 17-minute clip, I got him to digress onto another subject. While one of the PR folk in the room winced and bit his lip, Lutz reviewed how he stepped into one of his periodic firestorms of controversy by speculating that "Global warming may be a crock. I got him to expand on it, talking about how his blog post had fanned the flames what point he had meant to say.