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Switch Me! Light Switch Makes It Painful to Waste Energy

Switch Me!

How much do you really need to turn on the light above your head? Enough to get physically punished for it? French designer Josselin Zaigouche's Switch Me! light switch makes turning on the light a painful chore by equipping a standard switch with a mouse trap-like device.

Designboom explains:

'Switch me!' makes you think twice about whether or not you should turn on the light. it is a metaphoric symbol that helps you feel the pain of the planet, making you reconsider how you can contribute to a greener environment.

Switch Me!

So no, Zaigouche doesn't think that it's actually a good idea to outfit light switches with finger traps. But perhaps a switch or outlet that uses a less harsh method to discourage energy overuse—say, with an aesthetically pleasing energy monitor—could work just as well. A few of our favorites: Zerofootprint's smart TalkingPlug device, Conor Klein's outlet regulator, and Gilles Belley's glowing power strip. See? Saving the planet doesn't have to hurt.

[Via Designboom]