An iPhone App Made of Air


The world’s favorite Gallic audio love-muffins, Air, have teamed up with RjDj, aka Reality Jocky Ltd, for a rather spanky iPhone app to promote their Love 2 album. The basic premise is that you can pick any of the tracks from the album and then add your own magic to the track using five specially-created soundscapes–including one that lets you sample your own voice.

One of the guys behind RjDj is Michael Breidenbreucker, one of the founders of who, as he tells it, got bored of Web 2.0, and decided to get back into music. And his explanation is a weird and wonderful mix of the surreal and the just plain supercalifragilistic. Let me quote for you.

“Everyone knew when he met little music that his mum, or dad, or both, must have been somewhere close by. Then music grew up and left mum and dad and was living a life of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. During this really difficult time, music still kept contact to the objects through digital media, computer and that kind of stuff. Then, all of a sudden, music met RjDj and they totally fell in love. They decided to get married and soon they got their first child, a really lovely little object.” By this, I think he means the remixer.

Anyway, I am absolutely enchanted by this $1.99 app. Almost as much as I am enchanted by this guy. If you’re not feeling happy now we’re halfway through the week, then play this a couple of times. It’s infectious. Trolololololololo!

[RjDj Via iTunes App Store and YouTube]AD