Business Inspiration From Kanye West

Kanye West

Creator of one the best rhyming couplets ever*, Kanye West has retuned to doling out gems ON HIS BLOG (my caps), this time opining on CREATIVITY (his caps) as he listened to his own music. Here are a few choice–if tongue-in-cheek–choice nuggets or anyone seeking the spark.

  • On creativity: “I’m tormented by the need to create. The feeling that something can be better, the feeling that something’s missing, the feeling that something’s needed.”
  • On opinion: “There’s no such thing as fact any more, only opinion. Everything is an opinion. The way you dress is an expression of your opinion. Your religious beliefs are your opinion. The music you turn up loud is your opinion.”
  • On nostalgia: “Music is so nostalgic. Every song I listen to brings me back to when I first played them for my Mom.”
  • On insomnia: “I know how it feels when the night demons come. We can’t let them control our hands and feet.”
  • On modesty: “When something sounds so amazing and ground-breaking I’m reminded of why I live.”

Kanye also wrote about the death of Alexander McQueen last month. “Maybe McQueen felt his job was done because his last collection was the greatest of the decade. We are all so hurt. I know we’re selfish because he brought us so much joy and inspiration.”

*You could be my black Kate Moss tonight/Play secretary, I’m the boss tonight.

[Via Kanye West]