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If you’re serious about making more profit by increasing sales—there’s something you should know. Your customers aren’t interested in your offerings. That’s right, they just don’t care.

What they do care about is what your products/services can do for them. Here are two examples:

Janet doesn’t care much about the computer you just sold her; but she is thrilled with the enhanced speed and polish she will use to design layouts for her clients. Her goals of servicing more clients more professionally and making more money are the drivers in her buying decisions.

Your consulting firm’s "deliverables" are meaningless to prospective clients. What they will pay dearly for is a needed outcome. Solve the client’s problem and you will most likely do less work for more pay—with a more satisfied buyer.

Whatever you’re selling, it’s only a means to an end for your customers. When you discover exactly what your customers need, you transform from huckster to helper. You are teleported to the same side of the table as the people who have the money, and they suddenly want to give you that money. Why? Because you are no longer selling something; instead, you are solving a problem.

Customers will happily pay the person or company that can save them time, money or aggravation. And if you can make them look good, or take away their pain, they’ll pay a premium.

Make the leap from selling to solving and your customers will care.

For 30 years, Larry Myler has energized companies with new, concrete methods for reducing expenses and increasing revenues. He recently released the bestselling profit-enhancement book Indispensable by Monday, which extends his expertise and vision to employees at all levels, teaching them how to add financial value to their companies. Read what The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek and MSNBC recently said about Larry Myler and Indispensable by Monday. Larry and his team of management consultants and speakers can be reached at 800-400-5137.