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Did Monocle Magazine Just Fund Its Hong Kong Bureau With Bag Sales? Totes!


Monocle magazine, the stylish creation of Tyler Brulé, is planning to open up a new bureau in Hong Kong, funded by the sale of bags. The three-year-old publication, which totes (ah-hah!) itself as the foppish offspring of Wallpaper* and The Economist, has flogged 8,000 bags from its two media outlets—one in London, the other in Los Angeles—has also bagged itself (oh dear) a weekly 30-minute TV slot on BBC World News.

The magazine, which flogs $1,425 branded BlackBerries alongside $30 CDs on its Web site, moved into profit ahead of schedule—which ain't surprising when you think that an annual subscription costs $112 for just ten issues. And no prizes for guessing that the Hong Kong office will have a shop beneath it. So come on, Tyler, is Monocle a magazine with a shop attached, or vice versa?

[Via Media Guardian]

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